WordPress Static Homepage

WordPress Static Homepage

By default, WordPress shows your blog on the homepage of your site. Sometimes, you don't want that, and you want a static homepage instead. So how to achieve that?

create-static-homepageFirst of all, you will need to create a "Page" for your homepage. So, add a page, give it a title (f.i. Home), type your homepage-text and make sure to select the homepage template for this page before you publish it.





create-blog-pageSecond, you create another page, leave it empty, call it "Blog" or something like that and assign the "blog" template layout to that page.






change-reading-settingsThen, you need to change something in the "settings". Go to the reading settings, select "static" homepage, and set the Frontpage to your created home-page, and point the Posts page to your empty Blog page.


Check your menu and if needed, add a menu-item to your "blog"page,

That should do it.